Joe Squared

Joe Squared is a super-funky Baltimore restaurant that serves up signature square pizzas, delicious drinks, local art, and live music/comedy. I hopped on board to help the team get a tasty website launched in 24 hours.

This is one very creative, smart and conscientious guy. I have worked with Andrew extensively on multiple projects, from landing pages to a multi-page restaurant site, and he always takes it to a much better level. Couldn’t exist without him!
— Kathy Palokoff, aka "Momma Joe"

The Challenge

More than good food and drinks, Joe Squared is about bringing people together and giving back to the local Station North community.

Actions speak louder than words, but even though Joe Squared was well-known to locals, their current website wasn't working hard enough to attract new customers.

The Solution

There are plenty of restaurants that serve great food in Baltimore, but community is the one ingredient that really makes Joe Squared special.

I tag-teamed with co-owner Kathy "Mamma Joe" Palokoff to develop a website concept centered around the idea of, "Pizza that does good.™"

Andrew Folts