Landing Page

The eagle has landed (on your page)!

If a custom website is your brand's flagship store, then think of a landing page as a popup shop—simpler, but more targeted toward one very specific audience, and optimized to get them to take action.


Digital Strategy

A website is your brand's digital basecamp—and just like a great home starts with the right blueprints, your business needs a clear strategy to set you up for success online.

A boardwalk running through a mountainous valley.

What's Involved

We'll get to know eachother in an initial discovery session and decide whether we're a great fit. If so, we'll move into research and finally develop a clear brand strategy.

  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Clarifying Strategy


Before diving into design, it's important to first create "wireframes" — aka a collection of barebones sketches that clearly outline the informational structure of your website.

Wireframing sketch with pen and iPhone

What's Involved

Every wireframe we make will be based on a copy document that contains key information, like the target audience, main purpose, and desired action.

  • Planning documents
  • Page wireframes
  • Review & revisions


Making changes to an in-development site can be costly, which is why it's best to explore visual styles and special functionality through design prototypes.

What's Involved

While we don't need to mockup every page of your website, it's important to create prototypes for unique content, like landing pages, signup forms, and blog posts.

  • Create prototypes
  • Review & revisions

Web Development

I may be a developer, but don't worry! I got my start as a copywriter, so you can count on plain old English explanations for every line of code I write.

Forest with downward stairs

What's Included

Once we review a primary landing page demo, you'll be able to regularly check in on your website through a live, sharable link. A second review will take place once the rought draft has been completed.

  • Primary landing page review
  • First draft review & revisions
  • Website launch!


Sure, it may not be the most glamorous task, but thoroughly testing your website ahead of time helps ensure a smooth launch and great first impressions.

Railroad tracks curving around a bend

What's Included

Your site will be tested with mainstream devices and browsers so you can launch knowing your users will have a consitent, high-quality experience.

  • Brower testing: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Device testing: Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops

On-Going Support

While your brand new Hard-Working Website™ can take care of itself just fine, I'm available longterm if you need a hand editing content or making upgrades.

What's Involved

After launching your site, we can either set up a monthly retainer if you need frequent customizations or bill hourly for more infrequent support.

  • Monthly customization retainer
  • Play-it-by-ear hourly billing