Battle tested. Client-approved.

Have you ever worked on a project that had no timeline, no clear goals, and no identifiable process? It's downright stressful.

That's why I use tools, workflows, and an overall project roadmap to make sure we both know exactly what needs to be delivered and when.

The usual suspects...

Small businesses and startups generally have two choices when hiring a vendor to help them build or redesign a website:

  • Multiple Freelancers: Feels like herding cats, and can leave you with only part of the puzzle (a design, but no website) or a half-baked end-product (a website with a subpar design).

  • Agencies: More pricey ($20,000+) and not always transparent. You could get the A-team or you could get outsourced to a subcontractor half way around the world.

I'm a digital sherpa. What's that?

Because I've worked for agencies and as a freelancer, I know neither of the above options are 100% ideal for growing businesses. That's why I created Sherpa Design Co.: to be the perfect balance of both.

Just as sherpas help explorers scale the world's tallest mountains, I'll guide your business through the entire process of building a Hard-Working Website™.

That means handling all the technical legwork (from strategy and research to design and coding), so you can conquer your goals—and not get stuck somewhere in between!

I love project management!

Weird, right? It's a (mostly accurate) cliche that "creatives" dread project management, but the reason I love it is that a well-organized project actually leads to better work.

I use software (Notion) to track everything from key deadlines to the status of micro-level tasks, so we can stay focused on building the best end-product possible.


Sample project timeline

While every project will have different requirements, I always follow the same roadmap to keep things clear and consistent:


  • Initial Call

  • Project Proposal

  • Deposit Invoice & Payment

  • Create Shared DropBox Folder

Week 1: Strategy

  • Brand Strategy Workshop (2-4 hours)

  • Brand Brief

  • Project Creative Brief

Week 2: Brand Identity

  • Review: Brand & Home Page

  • Brand Revisions (1/3)

  • Brand Revisions (2/3)

  • Brand Revisions (3/3)

Week 3: Content

  • Develop Content

  • Create Secondary Pages

Week 4: Website

  • Review: Website

  • Website Revisions (1/3)

  • Website Revisions (2/3)

  • Website Revisions (3/3)

Week 5: Launch

  • Website Launch

  • Squarespace Training (1 hour)

What will you build?

Since 2014, I've worked with over 35 small businesses to build impactful brands and Hard-Wording Websites, and I'm ready to put my 10,000+ hours of strategy, design, and coding knowledge to work for you.

Have a project in mind? Let's talk.