1. Strategy Call

Get in touch to schedule your free strategy call. We’ll discuss the business goals you’re trying to solve and whether a One-Day Website is the right fit. If so, we’ll dive deeper to determine your needs for copywriting, photography, branding, blogging, and email marketing (the essential ingredients of an effective website).

If you need more than a One-Day Website, I’ll happily connect you with other local freelancers and agencies who can help.

2. Planning Session

After you pay the 50% deposit, we’ll schedule a 1–2 hour Zoom video call that allows us to get laser-focused on your company’s services/products and positioning. During the call, we’ll conduct a brief review of your competitors, agree on a look-and-feel for your website, and outline the content.

From the planning session, I’ll create a “Welcome” document that outlines our “to-do’s” for the project. This includes the type of text content you’ll provide, as well as imagery, account credentials, and other info.

Once you’ve gathered content, we’ll schedule your build day.

3. Website Build & Training

I’ll get cracking on your website at 9am sharp, and keep you updated throughout the day as I develop a working draft. We’ll connect around noon to review the home page and make style adjustments.

We’ll also go through how you can easily edit your website with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. (You’ll also have a week to make edits and ask questions.)

After that, I’ll integrate your feedback and finish building out the rest of the website. We’ll hold a full site review at the end of the day to make live revisions on a video call. I’ll take the rest of the evening to make any final adjustments and complete a 35-point review to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running.

4. Website Launch

Following our full-site revisions call, final payment will be due, and you can choose one of the following options:

  1. Launch the website with my assistance.

  2. Continue making edits yourself.

I recommend launching the website on your build day, because many businesses delay their launch, become overwhelmed by other responsibilities, and never actually go live. This causes your website to become a stress point, which is what we want to avoid!

The great news is that, even after launching, you can continue to make changes at any time. It really is simple, and you won’t need any “techy” skills.

5. Loose-Ends Call

While your Squarespace website will be easy to use, you’re going to have a few questions as you learn to make edits. We’ll reconnect for a call the week after your build day and I’ll help address any technical roadblocks you have.

If you need longterm graphic design, copywriting, or technical support, just let me know, and I’ll connect you with local experts who are happy to help.

Ready to go live?

Get in touch to book your free strategy call today! Whether you’re interested in a One-Day Website or simply have questions about the best options for your business, I’m here to help and provide professional advice.

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