My Favorite Chrome Extensions for Web Design

Fireshot: Full-Page Screenshots

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you find an awesome site on Awwwards that you want to save for future reference: "Easy enough...I'll just fire off 4–5 screenshots, then splice them together in Photoshop to make a complete page."

Hold that thought, Dr Frankenstein. There’s a better way.

Fireshot is a handy extension that lets you take a screenshot of an entire web page with one click. You can download the image as a JPG, PNG, or PDF, and even email or print it on the spot.

WhatFont: Font Inspecting

This one’s self-explanatory, but imma explain it anyway! WhatFont essentially tells you the font family of any text you click on—along with the style, weight, size, line height, and color.

You can always open up the Inspector in your browser, but WhatFont is quicker and it will even tell you where the font is being served from, so you can go hunt it down on Typekit or Google Fonts, etc.

Lorem Ipsum Generator: Greek Out!

Sometimes I’m lazy. Case-in-point, when I need some copy for a new WordPress page but don’t feel like writing any.

Lorem Ipsum Generator is a simple extension that spits out headlines or paragraphs of “Greek” copy (aka nonsense), so you can create fully-populated layouts without getting stuck on the exact messaging.

Window Resizer: Yea, exactly that.

As a designer, I take a lot of screenshots—often of current websites I’m working on. If I’m capturing a page for my portfolio, I want my screenshots to be at a certain ratio. This is where Window Resizer comes in.

The extension provides some useful sizes (desktop, laptop, iPhone) out of the box, but you can also set or save custom sizes.

This works really well in conjunction with Fireshot, because you can get your window to the size you want, then just snap a full-window screenshot.

ColorPick Eyedropper: Color Sampling

Ever wish web pages worked like design programs—where you could just grab hex codes with an eyedropper? Of course you have.

ColorPick allows you to do just that, and even saves your history so you can easily access recent swatches. Happy color stalking!